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Assistance with School Projects, including website resources to learn more about suspension bridges, teacher curriculum, making a Bridge model, download a Bridge diagram, Bridge math questions


STEM Learning Exhibition, Online Edition - A project funded by the National Science Foundation to support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning.


Additional Online Archives with information and photos re: Golden Gate Bridge history.


Official Website of the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary, May 2012


Photo Gallery

  Historic & Contemporary Images & Video Diagram of the Golden Gate Bridge
    Plan and Elevation of the Golden Gate Bridge as Built

History, Construction & Opening Fiesta

  Concept for a Bridge

Special District Formed

  Bond Measure Passes Bridge Design Changes


Joseph Strauss

  Key Dates in Bridge History The History of the Building of the GGB - A Dissertation (1958)

Opening Fiesta Week


Interesting & Quirky Information

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) What's in a Name – The Golden Gate?
  Bridge Anniversaries The Golden Gate Bridge: Fact or Fiction
  Chronology of Interesting, Quirky Happenings Signs of the Times: 1930s World Happenings
  Bridge Closures Over the Years The Point of Fort Point: A Brief History

Color & Art Deco Styling

  The Color Painting the Bridge
  Art Deco and the Bridge Lighting

Fog Horns & Navigational Beacons

  Fog Horns Navigational Beacons

Bridge Capital Projects, Maintenance Projects & Traffic Management Projects

  Bridge Projects Since 1937 Current Bridge Projects

Bridge Maintenance and Operations Today

  Maintenance & Operations Traffic Counts/Toll Data (1937 to present)