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Assistance with School Projects, including website resources to learn more about suspension bridges, teacher curriculum, making a Bridge model, download a Bridge diagram, Bridge math questions


STEM Learning Exhibition, Online Edition - A project funded by the National Science Foundation to support STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) learning.


Additional Online Archives with information and photos re: Golden Gate Bridge history.


Official Website of the Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary, May 2012


Photo Gallery

  Historic & Contemporary Images, Video Diagram of the Golden Gate Bridge
    Plan and Elevation of the Golden Gate Bridge as Built

History, Construction, and Opening Fiesta

  Concept for a Bridge Construction Statistics (length, height, weight, etc.)
  Special District Formed Construction Timeline
  Bond Measure Passes Construction Contracts and Costs
  Bridge Design Changes Construction Safety and the Halfway-to-Hell Club
  Ground Breaking Ceremony Opening Fiesta Week
  Strauss Team Strauss Poems
  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Key Dates in Bridge History

Willis Geology Report Nov. 1934 (10 MB)

Loomis Dissertation 1958

Interesting, Quick, & Quirky Information

  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Traffic Counts/Toll Data (1937 to present)
  Key Dates in Bridge History Other Bridge Anniversaries
  Chronology of Interesting, Quirky Happenings What's in a Name – The Golden Gate?
  Fact vs. Fiction The Point of Fort Point: A Brief History
  Bridge Closures over the Years "Cheating Death" – Safety during Construction
  Joseph Strauss - Visionary, Poet, Builder Bridge Projects since 1937
  Art Deco & the Golden Gate Bridge Signs of the Times: 1930s World Happenings

Color & Art Deco Styling

  The Color Painting the Bridge
  Art Deco and the Bridge  

Fog Horns & Lighting

  Fog Horns Navigational Beacons

Bridge Capital Projects, Maintenance Projects & Traffic Management Projects


Bridge Maintenance and Operations Today