The Strauss Team


The Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District to this day celebrates the collective efforts of the many engineers and other professionals who created the final design of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. The contribution of each, as individuals and as a team, led to the development of one of the premier suspension spans of our time. Strauss was the leading force behind seeing the Golden Gate Bridge become a reality, hands down. Strauss was the visionary, promoter, team builder, coordinator, and manager of the preliminary and final designs for the Span. He also led the construction of the Bridge, working with a team of engineers, architects, geologists, other professionals, and the many dedicated contractors and workers involved in the project. Strauss surrounded himself with the right people of the 1930s bridge building era, the experts in each field.

Most notably was the participation by the following individuals, all of whom, with the exception of Charles A. Ellis, who served as Design Engineer under Strauss from 1922 to 1931, are named on a dedication plaque that remains mounted on the San Francisco tower of the Bridge to this day:

  • Clifford E. Paine, Strauss Engineering Corporation Vice President, served as Principal Assistant Engineer during final design and construction
  • Russell G. Cone was Resident Engineer during construction
  • Charles Clarahan, Jr. and Dwight N. Wetherell served as Assistant Engineers
  • O.H. Ammann, Prof. Charles Derleth, Jr., and Leon S. Moisseiff served on the Advisory Board of Engineers
  • Sydney W. Taylor, Jr. was Consulting Traffic Engineer
  • Irving F. Morrow, Morrow and Morrow Architects, was Consulting Architect
  • Andrew C. Lawson and Allan E. Sedgwick were Consulting Geologists

Although Strauss never officially recognized Ellis for his leadership efforts in the design of the Bridge, the record clearly demonstrates that he deserves significant credit for the suspension bridge design, which we see and cherish today.


Strauss Statue


Golden Gate Bridge Chief Engineer Strauss was honored when a statue of his likeness, mounted on grand memorial art deco styled concrete pedestal, was unveiled at its original location directly adjacent to Highway 101 in 1949 (pictured below, photo from San Francisco Library Collection AAA-9594). The statue was unveiled by his widow Annette Strauss on May 29, 1941, as Strauss had passed away May 16, 1938 at 68 years of age. This grand memorial was moved (date not determined yet...) to what is today the Southeast Visitor area (pictured below in 2009, ©GGBHTD).

Strauss statue in 1949Strauss statue today